Hemp Seed



Our Focus

Hemp has been a popular source of use for thousands of years. Hemp is commonly grown in the northern hemisphere and takes around 3-4 months to mature. Though hemp belongs to the same family as marijuana, the two plants are very different.

Known as great source of rich fatty acids, Hemp seeds contain Vitamin A,  B Vitamins, and Vitamins C and E.

We source our hemp seed oil from ethical, local and organic UK farms.

More reasons to love TRC Hemp

Botanical power in every bottle

It is with great pride that we source our hemp seed oil from ethical, local and Organic UK farms. We are currently working exclusively with soap zero (Devon), Vitality Hemp (West Sussex) and Hempen (Oxfordshire) Learn more about them and their work with hemp and natural farming methods in permaculture international magazine issues 98 and 101.

How we utilise the natural power of hemp

Our Intricate Process

How do we extract Hemp Oil? 
To obtain a substance that can be used topically, the Hemp plant goes through a process of cold pressing the seeds, without dilution, to obtain hemp seed oil. This oil, in its purest extract, is rich in fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.

How do we turn this into soap?
Via a process called saponification. 
Saponification is a process in which triglycerides are reacted with lye (dissolved in water) to

produce “soap.” The triglycerides for TRC Hemp are found in 100% virgin cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil.

The naturally derived ingredients from this process are potassium-hempseedate and glycerin.

There is absolutely no trace of lye after saponification
and the soap produced and used in all our products is ph neutral.