Premium Hemp Beard Oil


TRC Health & Hygiene Hemp have designed & developed a high functioning premium Beard Oil to add to its expanding collection. Our Unique and subtle mix of Rose, Mother Earths Oud and Patchouli, blends Floral Earthy and Woody tones in a balanced mix. The result is a premium beard oil that will help your beard to grow fuller, faster and feel healthier.

All of our products are grown organically and manufactured in the UK to produce the finest hemp oils available. Our signature Oud scent is 100% all-natural & Vegan friendly. Tame your beard and give your follicles the care they deserve!

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TRC Hemp has created a unique, high-quality Beard Oil that will moisturise, condition & relax your facial hair and skin. If you ever have issues with flaky skin, an itchy beard or even acne under your beard, this is the perfect product for you! Our Premium Beard Oil will not only promote beard growth, it will help control all of these issues you have and actually allow you to enjoy growing out your beard.

Benefits of TRC Hemp Beard Oil:

  • 100% Organic & Vegan friendly
  • Moisturise & conditions facial hair and skin
  • Increases blood circulation to promote beard growth
  • Help control acne & eczema
  • Reduces beard itch & flaking of the skin
  • Helps prevent hair loss


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